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Blueprint: Tried and tested methodology for unlocking potential

By hosting a bespoke workshop, we can challenge perceptions of the business, make you think differently about how your business is perceived and thrash out your messaging. Out of this in-depth analysis of your business will come recommendations for improving or completely overhauling your visual and verbal identity to unlock business potential.

How Blueprint works

Using our tested and robust methodology, we’ll work with you to focus your proposition. We'll pose questions, challenge any pre-conceived ideas and look at things from a different perspective. At the end of the Blueprint process, you’ll have the right proposition to take to market and a powerful way of expressing it to your prospects.

Module 1 - Understanding your market
Module 1
  • Market scoping

    This module is for you if what you’re looking for is a deeper understanding of the marketplace. We’ll work with you to identify opportunities and break down the barriers to growth and sustainable success.

    From this, we’ll make practical branding, design, marketing and communications recommendations.

  • In this module, we’ll identify and analyse:

    • The size of your marketplace
    • Relevant environmental factors
    • Your target audience(s)
    • Competitors

Module 2 - Brand development
Module 2
  • Strengthening your brand

    Branding is about much more your logo and typeface – it represents everything your company stands for, on every channel you’re active in. This module concentrates on taking an in-depth understanding of your business and core proposition and turning it into a brand with substance.

  • In this module, we’ll explore:

    • Brand and messaging hierarchy
    • Naming
    • Tone of voice, brand descriptor and strapline
    • Positioning
    • Brand identity (logo, colour palette, fonts, imagery and graphics)

Module 3 - Communications planning
Module 3
  • Communications planning

    No-one knows your brand better than you, but are you getting the messages out there? By working closely with you, we’ll quickly get under the skin of your objectives, and create a detailed 12-month campaign plan.

  • This will include:

    • Development of key campaign themes
    • Identification of audience segments
    • Creation of tailored audience messaging
    • Identification of priority communication channels
    • Scheduling of key activity
    • Budgets

  • Once these elements have been agreed, your dedicated design and account management team will be by your side to help implement and manage your campaign. Specifically, we offer:

    • Campaign management
    • Media planning
    • Sourcing and management of print and merchandise

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